All you need to know about Freesat installation & set-up

First-time install

If you already have a working satellite dish, it’s easy to connect your new Freesat box or TV. Simply plug it in to your dish using your existing cables and follow the on-screen instructions (you'll also need to connect to your broadband network to access On Demand services). Go through the steps to install a Freesat box in this video.

Arranging a new dish installation

Need a satellite dish installed? No problem - you can arrange this with your local retailer when you buy your Freesat box or TV, or by calling us on 0345 313 0051. We’ll  put you in touch with an installation company (approved by Freesat, of course) for a non-obligation quote.

As a guide, a standard dish installation with two feeds to your box (allowing you to record one channel while watching another) is normally £99.99. Installing a dish with a single satellite feed (for Freesat boxes without record functionality) is usually £79.99.


Freesat in more than one room

With no subscription fees, over 200 TV and Radio channels and On Demand services from as little as £89.99, Freesat is a great option for additional rooms in your house. We use the same dishes and satellites as Sky, so you can opt to have Freesat alongside - or instead of - an existing Sky Subscription. All you need is a Freesat box, or a TV with Freesat built in, for every room you'd like to receive Freesat in connected to the same dish.

If you would like help setting up Freesat in more than one room please give us a call on 0345 293 8230. If you already have a dish and simply wish to install cables to another room, you will be charged around £64.99 for the service.